Overview of the Monitoring and Evaluation Division

The Monitoring and Evaluation Division ensures the development of comprehensive operational policies, sustainable strategic plans, systems, programmes and budgets to cover all activities of the Food and Drugs Authority.

It is mandated to track the implementation and outputs systematically and measure the effectiveness of projects and programmes of the Organization and helps determine exactly when a project or programme is on track and when changes may be needed.

It caters for the design and application of monitoring and evaluation systems and tools for the purposes of assessing the operational effectiveness of projects and programmes of the FDA.

It is responsible for the overall monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the Food and Drugs Authority.


The main objective of the Monitoring and Evaluation Division is to help improve performance and achieve results. Its goal is to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes and impact.



  • Organisation of Annual Performance Reviews;
  • Preparation of Annual Programme of Work;
  • Designing Monitoring and Evaluation systems;
  • Designing, leading and managing participatory data collection, analysis and reporting for FDA M&E systems;
  • Developing of guidance and frameworks for institutional procedures, policies and processes that will institutionalise and support high quality Design, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting in FDA;
  • Coordination of Regional activities to be in tandem with that of the Head office
  • Undertake physical monitoring of projects and programmes;
  • Establishing M&E guidance and tools for FDA’s strategic programming and;
  • Designing programmes and projects to pursue funding for strategic programming areas

   Main Duties and Responsibilities

The main duties and responsibilities entailed the under listed:

  1. Collate all Divisional, Departmental and Regional programme of work, budget and reports.
  2. Design Monitoring and Evaluation framework for Divisional, Departmental and Regional Operations.
  3. Design logic models including key performance indicators to monitor Divisional, Departmental and Regional Operations
  4. Liaise with Divisional Heads, Finance, Administration, Import and Export Control and laboratory services and PRMIS on Regional issues.
  5. Work with the Divisional, Departmental and Regional heads to ensure that the FDA mandate is achieved.
  6. Ensuring that all Regional activities are in line with the activities of the various Departments at the Head Office.
  7. Collaborating with the Departments in the head office to find out new activities and programmes and helping with their roll out in the Regions accordingly
  8. Submit monthly performance report on activities of the FDA to the CEO
  9. Identify and address key challenges out of the monitoring functions in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer.
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