The Food and Drugs Authority as part of its activities to ensure public health and safety through safer medicines use, launched the Patient Engagement in Medicine Safety programme in June 2016. The objective of this programme is to enable patients to report adverse events of their medicines and other health products to the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) through Community Pharmacies designated as Patient Safety Centres. The first part of this training was organized nationwide prior to the launch of Patient Engagement in Medicine Safety programme where over 300 Pharmacists were trained. The FDA is implementing this programme in collaboration with Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH) through the Community Pharmacy Practice Association (CPPA) and funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

Participating pharmacists were trained to equip them with the necessary skills to educate patients and consumers on the importance of monitoring and reporting medicines safety issues of their medicines and other health products.

Mr. Seth Seaneke, Acting Deputy Chief Executive of the Drug Registration and Inspectorate Division in his opening remarks on behalf of the Chief Executive, stated that the training was part of efforts by the FDA to ensure that safety issues with medicines and other health products are reported to the FDA to enable the necessary regulatory actions to protect public health and safety. He also stressed the need for participants to embrace the initiative and make it successful.

Mr. Charles Alllotey, the immediate past Chairman of the Community Pharmacists Practice Association, in his address emphasized the benefit of community pharmacists participating in the Patient Safety Centres Programme. Some of the benefits include opportunities to provide quality pharmaceutical care to clients who visit the pharmacy. Additionally, being part of the programme improves the image of the pharmacy as clients and patients come to appreciate the added interest of the pharmacist in ensuring safe use of medicines.

Dr. Amaning Danquah, Head of Department, Training and Research Department of the Pharmacy Council in his speech on behalf of the Registrar of Pharmacy Council stated that the Council endorses this initiative of the FDA and will award Continuous Professional Development credits to pharmacists participating in the programme, which will count towards the total credits needed for pharmacists to renew their license to practice.

At the end of the programme participants applauded this initiative and expressed their willingness to make the programme a success which will improve patient safety and the image of community pharmacy practice.

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