The Food and Drugs Authority and Ghana Medical Association has held a meeting to brainstorm on the way forward in dealing with the airing of illegal advertisement especially with regards to medicines.

The meeting which lasted for about two hours was held at the FDA board room on the 29th September 2017.

Both parties were concerned about the manner in which provisions in the Public Health Act 2012 Act 851 were being blatantly disregarded by advertisers and media houses. It noted with concern unsubstantiated claims from media presenters on medicines and also alcoholic products with medicinal claims especially by radio presenters.

Issues were also raised on billboards and posters mounted respectively on the major roads with unjustifiable claims.

The Ghana Medical Association indicated that they have been receiving cases where the persons involved relied on advertisement and subsequently leading to complications of their ailments.

The FDA enumerated steps that has been taken and is being taken to address the problem of airing of illegal advertisement. Included were meetings with AAG, GIBA, NMC, the Police, the BNI, the GJA and others. Letters that has been circulated to media stations nationwide on advertisement was also highlighted.

The FDA also indicated that it had held a number of stakeholder meetings; held regional forum where the local media were interacted with on advertisement; the issuance of press releases on advertisement and placed an announcement in newspapers on same.

After an extensive deliberation on the issues, it was agreed on the need for a major stakeholder meeting involving all key players and also to issue a publication on advertisement.

Both parties also agreed on a strong collaboration to ensure sanity on the airwaves with respective to advertisement to enable the protection of public health and safety.


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