Food Safety Division

Overview of Food Safety Division

The constitution of Ghana provides the Ghanaian the right to health and safety. This right is protected through the regulatory work of state institutions such as the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).
Part Seven of the Public Health Act, 2012, Act 851 mandates the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to protect the Ghanaian public through the regulation of food, drugs, household chemical substances, cosmetics and medical devices.
Unsafe food at best will be unpleasant but in the worst case, it could lead to hospitalization or death.

The loss of human capital and productivity through the consumption of unsafe food is therefore a critical regulatory issue.

The Food Safety Division (FSD) executes the Food and Drugs Authority’s (FDA) mandate to protect public health and safety through the regulation of the food service industry, the control of meat production as well as assuring the safety of genetically modified organisms for food, feed and processing. It also provides technical support to the food industry to promote the production of safe and quality food through the application of contemporary food safety management systems.

The FSD therefore comprises of the Animal Products and Biosafety Department (APBD), the Food Safety Management Department (FSMD) and the Food Industrial Support Services Department (FISSD).

Animal Products and

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