The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), as part of it mandate to ensure public health and safety, has embarked on market sensitization on zero percent hydroquinone in cosmetic products to educate the traders on the dangers associated with the use of cosmetic products that contains hydroquinone.

The exercise is to enforce the ban on hydroquinone in cosmetic products as required by Ghana Standards on cosmetic products (GS 227-2:2017).

The meeting was attended by Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors, Wholesaler and Retailers of cosmetic products. Participants were taken through when the ban of Hydroquinone in cosmetic products came into force and the effect of hydroquinone on the skin when used extensively. Some of the effects were mentioned as Ochronosis (nensuoben), intertrigo, Mycosis, Striae (Stretch marks), bad odur etc.

Participants were also enlightened on other names of hydroquinone which may be found on the products labels to include: Hydrochinone, Quinol,1,4-Dihydroxybenzene,  1, 4- hydroxybenzene, 1, 4-Didroxybenzol,1, 4-Benzediol, Phiaquin, Benzoquinol, Benzohydroquiinone P-Benzenediol, hydroxyphenol, Tequinol, Eldoquin forte, Derma-Blanch Solaquin fort,  Aida ARTI.

The FDA has so far sensitized about 128 traders at Kaneshie and Makola markets.   FDA aims at replicating the exercise at the major markets in Accra and all the other nine (9) regions across the country.

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