The Food and Drugs Authority has embarked on an exercise as part of it monitoring activity to ensure the removal of cosmetic products containing hydroquinone from the market. The exercise is to enforce the ban on the importation, distribution, retailing or sale of cosmetic products containing hydroquinone.

The exercise is with reference to the standard set by the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) i.e. GS 227-2:2017(List of Substance not Permitted in Cosmetic Products) which requires that cosmetic products should be free of Hydroquinone

The FDA, with assistance from the Police Drug Enforcement Unit of CID, visited various shops located at Accra Central, Osu, Kaneshie, West Legon, Spintex and seized cosmetic products containing Hydroquinone.

Some of the hydroquinone containing cosmetic products seized were Carotone, Maxilight, Skin Light, Bold and Beautiful Clair Men, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Clear, Bio Light Crème, Cocoa Butter, Coco Pulp, Extra Toning Cocoa Butter, Caro White, Clear Touch, Serum White, life and lovely, Beauty Essence, Golden Clear, Quick White and Supa Tona.

Indiscriminate and extensive use of cosmetics containing hydroquinone can lead to health related issues including thinning of the skin; poor wound healing, development of stretch marks, excessive sweating, bad body odour amongst others.

The FDA took advantage of the exercise and explained to the traders on the need to register all regulated products. Other unregistered products were seized

During interrogation, the sellers could not mention the names of the suppliers but indicated that the products were supplied by Nigerians, Togolese and Burkinabes.

Products seized so far are over 4500 pieces of cosmetic products in Accra alone.

During the exercise, other products suspected to contain hydroquinone, though not listed in the ingredients on the labels, were also seized for confirmation to be made after laboratory analysis at the FDA Accredited Laboratory.

It was also revealed that some manufacturers used other names instead of hydroquinone such as;

1, 4 – Benezediol                           Arctuvin                               Solaquin fort                    

1,4 – Dihydroxybenzen              P-Benzenediol                    Benezohydroquinone     

Phiaquin                                          Benzene                                Dihydrobenzene

Benzoquinol                                   Eldoquin forte                   Aida       

Hydroxyphenol                             Derma – blanch                 Phiaquin            

Tequinol                                           Diak 5                                     1, 4 – Dihydroxybenzol

Eldoquin forte                                UN2662                                 USAF EK – 356              

NCL – C55834                                 Idrochinone                         Quinol

Dihydrobenzene                             1,4 – Hydroxybenzol          ARTI                                                                  

The exercise is however taking place nationwide and some of FDA Regional Officers have seized quantities of hydroquinone-containing cosmetics.

Arrangements are being made for all the seized products to be safely disposed of.

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