The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) as part of its mandate to ensure public health and safety, has intensified its public education exercise for some selected private owned schools in the Greater Accra Region.

The exercise which begun on 8th November 2019 is to complement similar exercises being carried out in public schools and markets. The exercise seeks to basically empower students with the requisite knowledge on regulated products in order to self regulate what they buy and consume.

The schools visited were Hayfron international School at Awoshie, Ave Maria School and St Anthony’s School both in Dansoman.

 Students were taken through the general activities of FDA. They were enlightened on all regulated products and the processes the FDA follow before registering products to ensure that they are wholesome for consumption.

 Students were also taught to safely handle foods by observing 5 important keys to safer foods. The 1st key being to keep clean, the 2nd being to separate raw and cooked foods, 3rd being to cook and reheat food well, the 4th being to keep food at safe temperatures, and the 5th being to use wholesome raw materials and buy from clean places, were thoroughly explained to them.

Emphasis was placed on keeping personal hygiene such as regular washing of hands among others. Personal hygiene was noted as a practice that will translate into proper handling of food to ensure safer food.

Things to look out for when buying FDA regulated products were explained to the students. The importance of English labeling, expiry/best before date, list of ingredients, address and batch number were emphasized. They were also advised to avoid buying dented, bloated, rusted and leaking canned foods.

The response to the education was positive and for that reason, the head teachers of the schools requested another session next academic term.


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